Meet Max, the Hi-Tech Energy Windows & Doors Pup!

Introducing Max!

If you live in Winnipeg, chances are you’ll drive by one of our many Hi-Tech Energy Windows & Doors billboards featuring Max, our Hi-Tech Energy pup. Just incase you haven’t seen one yet, here he is!

  • All of our Windows and Doors are proudly Made in Manitoba at our family owned manufacturing facility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • We have 35+ years of custom window and door manufacturing experience.
  • We are excited to announce that we have been nominated as one of Canada’s Top 10 Window Companies for 2017.

Talk to a Window and Door Specialist at Hi-Tech

Call our showroom at 204.783.9945 to discover what we can do, for you. Manitoba Hydro uses our proprietary SuperCORE Windows and Doors in the coldest climates in Canada! Our family business has been manufacturing windows and doors right here in Winnipeg for 35+ years. All of our products are proudly Made in Manitoba.